About the Work and Travel Program

With over 50 years of activity, Work and Travel program managed to gather nearly 1 million students from 125 countries, willing to work and travel in USA during their summer breaks. The main purpose is cultural exchange.


The visa required for students is called J-1 visa, and it offers them the chance to work during June 15 until September 30 and to travel until October, 31. Students cannot stay longer than the last day of October in USA.


Below are the requirements to enroll in this program!

The three essential conditions to participate in the Work and Travel program


It is preferred that the age is not higher than 29, but there were cases where students older than 29 managed to get the visa.

Full time Student

If you want to enroll in this program you must be a full time student at a accredited College (bachelor, master or doctorate degree).

English Language

Being that all the interviews are in English (the one with the employer and the one from the Embassy), it is essential you know this language at a conversational level.

Costs and financing tips

The total cost of this program depends on various factors like type of contract (self placed or through agency) and the destination (cost of plane ticket). In total it can reach 2000$, not including pocket money.

Financing can be done with own resources or with Work and Travel Student Loan from BRD. For more info, you can always e-mail, call us or get in touch with a BRD Agency.


Documente necesare pentru dosarul Work and Travel

Student Identity Card and national Identity Card

When you sign up for the program you must have your ID and your student ID with you. If you cannot prove you are a student, then you cannot sign up for the program.


If you don`t have a passport already, then you must go and file for one as soon as possible. It is required that you have an electronic Passport, not a temporary one. The visa can go only on Regular Electronic Passport.

Criminal record

You can file to get your criminal record at any Police Station, no matter where your residency is.

Medical certificate

You will have to get the medical certificate (in which it should write that you are able to work) from your family doctor.


The photos required for your visa have special requirements. More info you can get directly on US Embassy Website.

Proof of Student Status

You will have to get two versions of this document, one for the work and travel program and the second one for US Embassy. Please ask us if you have any questions.

Proof of free circulation

You can request this document from Passport Offices from any city you want. You don`t have to pay for it.


Next step

Please visit us at our head office in Bucharest if you want to meet us or if you have any questions. Also you can call us at:

+4 0762 835 352

or you can e-mail us at: office@globalfriends.ro