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Everything you need to know about taxes

If you worked last summer with Work and Travel Program in USA, you may have noticed that you had some taxes deducted from your paychecks. taxe. Recuperarea taxelor este următorul pas pentru studenții care au fost plecați pe timpul verii cu Programul Work and Travel în SUA.
Toate persoanele care lucrează în SUA cu viza J1 trebuie să plătească taxe federale și statale. Există și situații excepționale în care sunt reținute și alte tipuri de taxe (SSN sau Medicare). Aceastea din urmă pot fi de asemenea recuperate, însă procesul durează mai mult.

Type of taxes


Federal Taxes

These taxes are paid by everyone who works on USA territory. Internal Revenue Services or IRS is the one that collects all these taxes, and usually federal taxes represent 10-12% from income.


State taxes

These taxes depend on the states where the revenue was registered. The amount withheld varies from 3% to 6%. There are also some states that don`t collect these taxes.


Local Taxes

These taxes depend on the city you work in. Recovery of these taxes depends on that city in particular.


FICA taxes

These taxes should be only for residents, but some employers don`t know the process so they retain them from you paycheck also. They can be recovered, but the process is longer and more complex.


What are the next steps?

Tax return estimate

Global Friends will try to refund the legal maximum amount you can have from the taxes that were withheld from your paychecks. The process official starts at the end of January 2019, but you can start your file with us anytime in 2018 also.



If you decided to apply with us, first we will make an estimate of your taxes, and after that we will send you a list with all the documents we need ( some examples: W-2, passport, SSN).


The process usually takes between 6 and 12 weeks, but all depends on Internal Revenue Services. If they want to strictly check your file and request additional info, the process can prolong.


The fee is 90$ and it can be paid when you apply (if you want to receive taxes in your american bank account), or when you receive the checks. It is not deducted from your taxes.